Gather your friends and come celebrate at TURTLE WORLD ! We have wonderful spaces for all PARTIES and EVENTS ! 

 $20 per person covers everything.

( Remember Parents are people too.)

Children's Birthday Parties !

Turtle World Party Planner

All Parties include:

  • Party rooms for 1.5 hour with staff assistance.
  • Paper goods ( plates, cups, forks, napnins )
  • Tables for your cakes and gifts.
  • Refridgeration for your ice cream and pastries. 
  • Custom invitations available on this website to print out.
  • Special selection of pottery just for your party
  • Glazing and firing in one of our state of the art Turtle kilns.
  • Finished  pieces individually wrapped and sacked, ready to pick up FAST ! 
  • * All visitors are required to pay the $20 party , sorry space is limited 

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Fred's brother, Speed, works the kilns.